Tenbu stops Spam
Tenbu is now available. To protect your Domino server from Spam and
other malicious mail try Tenbu. For more information on Tenbu and it's capabilities, please read the Tenbu introduction paper.

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Comment Spam Protection
Protect against comment Spam on any
HTML web form. Stop spammers adding unwanted posts to your blog, forum or form. No software to install, just 2 simple lines of Javascript.

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IP-Country Database
Trace IP addresses back to a country with the IP-Country database. More than 80,000 IP ranges and
updated up to 6 times per day!

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DRC Consulting provides software products and consulting services.

We offer a range of software products for you to buy, free and subscription based services and web resources for the worldwide Lotus Notes community. Our consulting skills centre around information security and corporate messaging systems.

We've been working with Lotus Notes since 1992 and have helped organisations large and small; we're ready to help you.

For anti-Spam protection and security for your SMTP server take a look at Tenbu. It's fast, accurate and easy to use, has a tiny system footprint and offers advanced features like SPF, Connection controls, message checksumming, relay protection, regular expression based rules, web interface and a user quarantine. For any platform that has a Java Virtual Machine.

If your company uses Lotus Domino, take a look at our suite of mail protection products for Domino.

  • 04/09/2006 Notes. Updates and DRCC news
  • 06/07/2005 no.Spam.java - Bonded Sender support
  • 05/10/2005 dcShield - free Spam control for Domino
  • 05/10/2005 no.Spam.java - Greylisting now available
  • 05/09/2005 no.Spam.java - New Features
  • 03/30/2005 dcShield - free spam control for Domino
  • 02/17/2005 no.Spam.java - What's New - Challenge/Respons..
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